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Here are a few comments from successfully filled jobs


Employer: Alison | Grow Tree Care | Comox Valley, BC, Canada

Comments: Hi Just wanted to let you know that we were able to fill our climbing arborist position thanks to the ad we placed on the site. Thank you! Alison


Jobseeker: Read Guthrie


Hi Dan,

Thanks for your hard work on the website and the efforts you make for the arb community. I visit climbingarborist.com every so often to check out videos and news and I decided to take a cruise through the "jobs" site out of curiosity. I ended up finding and applying for a job up in Courtenay BC, a good move for work and for lifestyle that I had been wanting to make anyways. I liked that I could see the profile of the company and easily access their information to check if it would be a good fit. A couple weeks in to the job and so far I'm really happy with my choice! Keep up the good work and thanks again. Cheers!