Seeking Tree Climbers and Arborists

  • All Natural Tree Experts
  • Christiansburg, VA, USA
  • Aug 31, 2018
Full time Climber Consulting Arborist Utility Arborist

Job Description


Job Responsibilities;

Trim and Prune Trees

Arborist must be proficient in trimming and pruning trees, shrubs, and other woody plants. Arborists frequently need to climb trees using ropes and harnesses, This aspect of the job requires thorough knowledge of how to trim trees to encourage healthy growth, along with the physical strength and dexterity to climb and move around the tree..

Apply Pesticides

Arborists must also be able to prevent infestations and pest-related issues by applying pesticides to trees and shrubs. Arborists will need to understand the potential risks and benefits of a particular type of pesticide and ensure that the pesticide they are applying will not have adverse effects on the surrounding environment.

Remove and Plant Trees

Arborists must also be able to remove problematic trees. For example, a tree that is threatening structures or power lines may need to be removed rather than trimmed to prevent damage or property destruction. Arborists also may be required to supervise plantings, ensuring that new trees have room to grow without damaging neighboring areas and that selected tree species will thrive in the surrounding environment.

Maintain Soil Conditions

In addition to caring for the trees, arborists must be able to maintain soil conditions. This can include testing the soil’s acidity to make sure it is within an acceptable range for the tree type, as well as maintaining moisture levels through regular watering and ensuring proper drainage.

Identify and Treat Tree Diseases

Arborists must be able to use their knowledge of tree anatomy and biology to identify and treat tree diseases. In this aspect of the role, Arborist must identify symptoms such as blights and fungal infections and determines whether a particular tree can be saved or needs to be removed.

Consult with Clients

Arborists must be able to consult with homeowners, landscaping companies, and local governments on tree care and maintenance. Arborists must be able to prepare reports and provide advice and guidance on planting and tree placement, maintenance, removal, and disposal. They may also participate directly in the client’s tree maintenance, planting, and removal activities.

We are also seeking Tree Climbers:

Main Responsibilities: Serve as member of a tree care crew with primary responsibility to climb & assist foreman in the performance of all services. Perform required ground, climbing, and aerial lift duties in support of specific job assignments.

• Assist in performing specialized pruning, takedowns, install cabling and
• Safely operate chainsaw, chipper, trucks, and hand tools
• Identify native and introduced trees and shrubs in the service area
• Utilize all appropriate personal protective equipment
• Demonstrate and perform proper climbing techniques & procedures,
pruning and rigging techniques
• Develop a basic undertanding of tree growth
• Utilize knowledge of compartmentalization & other concepts related to tree
• Demonstrate sound tree risk assessment skills
• Demonstrate and practice application of approved knots
• Assist with driving, backing, dumping and parking trucks
• Understand & demonstrate proficiency in all aspects of ground person
• Learn and understand techniques and procedures necessary to assist in
performing plant health care (fertilization, organic and pesticide
• Understand dangers associated with electrical hazards
• Underdstand and adhere to all safety rules & policies
• Participate in all safety training sessions, improve job safety skills and
strive to develop the potential for advancement.