Ground Worker (Flexible Work Load)

  • Woodworks Tree Service LLC
  • Kingston, NY, USA
  • Mar 14, 2023
Part time Grounds person

Job Description

Woodworks Tree Service based in Kingston, NY is seeking a qualified, skilled and safe worker to assist as a Ground Worker and with other tree service related duties. Starting wages between $20-$26 depending on experience level and current qualifications. Training will be provided as needed and as refreshers throughout the work season.

Job Requirements & Qualifications:

·      Must arrive on time each day ready to work in a healthy physical and mental state, as well as professional appearance.

·      Must participate in tailgate safety meetings, job site briefings, and on the job training.

·      Must be familiar with and properly use all Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) made available to them. This equipment includes, but is not limited to: helmet, hearing protection, safety glasses, gloves, high visibility clothing, and cut resistant chainsaw chaps.

·      In addition to PPE worker must provide and wear sturdy boots, long pants and clothing appropriate for predicted weather conditions. Uniform shirts will be provided by company.

·      Must be physically able to lift, carry, and drag at least 50 pounds of material across uneven terrain for extended periods of time. Worker must also be able to perform job duties outdoors under various and sometimes inclement weather conditions.

·      Must possess and maintain a valid driver license and reliable personal transportation to and from work.


Job Duties:

·      Assist with the disposal of brush and larger sections of wood from tree removal and pruning work.

·      Safely operate wood chipper and other compact machinery during tree service operations.

·      Safely operate chainsaws to assist with the disposal of brush and wood on the ground.

·      Assist the tree climber and other ground workers with the retrieval and delivery of various pieces of equipment and supplies around the job site.

·      Perform basic daily and weekly maintenance on company vehicles, chainsaws, and other equipment. 

·      Assist with the production and delivery of firewood and lumber products.


Other Job Duties (based on skill level, experience, and credentials)

·      Fell standing trees when possible and safe to do so.

·      Drive company vehicles (some requiring a CDL) to and from job site. Once on site, worker must assist with arranging vehicles in an organized manner to maximize job site safety and work flow efficiency. Worker is also expected to be able to back up trailers and chippers in tow in a safe and skilled manner.

·      Safely operate dump bed on some work vehicles in the disposal of woodchips and other woody material.