Looking for climber - parttime, fulltime, just a temporary stay, work&travel - your choice

  • Seil und Beil
  • Trier, Germany
  • Dec 26, 2020
Part time Climber

Job Description

Let's keep it brief and simple.

We are looking for an expierenced climber to join the team at Seil und Beil (which translates to rope & hatchet, we do use saws, though). Possible ASAP.

We are a professional (and kinda smaller) treework company in the most western part of Germany, next to Luxemburg. We are looking for an expierenced climber for all aspects of treework. This includes removal (on spikes, with rigging) as well as professional pruning and treecare (deadwooding,..). You need to be confident on SRT / dDRT (whatever you prefer) as well as on spikes. We don't do hedges. We put a strong focus on saftey and good pruning practice, no unnecessary pollarding or huge cuts, no cowboying up and down a tree. If you are from the EU the European Tree Worker would be a good certificate, ISA certification is nice, too :-)


About us:

We are 6 guys in total, 2 trucks, 1 chipper. Most of the time we work on a one-team-schedule, so only occasionally split teams. We do residental and municipal tree work 5 days a week. We only do trees, no hedges, no landscaping. We do climb every day, hardly any platform work. We speak english and german. We can provide any equipement except your own basic PPE. If you prefer a fresh set of PPE we can provide it though. Ropes, helmets, saws can all be provided of course.

We have a nice crew, we have a ping pong table, a firepit and even some bees - you'll be provided with fresh honey.



Available 3 - 5 days a week, 1 - x months. International (english speaking) climbers welcome. Safe and confident with all aspects of the job. You would be climbing, hardly any ground work. If you are from the EU the European Tree Worker would be a good certificate, otherwise ISA certified arborist or similar highly appreciated. No nazis welcome, no cowboys, no tough guy trying to proof something.



We pay competitve wages up to 2000EUR / month after taxes. All to be discussed in detail. You wil be fully insured.

Flexible schedule: parttime, fulltime, just a temporary stay - it's all possible options.




Just give me a call or write an email and we figure out the details.