Climbing Alborist Wanted

  • ProNatura A.C
  • Mar 09, 2020
Full time Arborist representative / Estimator Climber Crane Operator Foreman/Crew leader Safety and Training Utility Arborist

Job Description

This position is responsible for performing intermediate skilled position responsible for tree maintenance for City facilities, parks, and rights of way.


     The working conditions can be dangerous with the incumbents using rope and saddle and climbing trees to heights which could exceed 100 feet.

     The work has standardized practices and procedures and is subject to general supervisory review.Removes dead, dying, or hazardous trees from parks, facility grounds, and rights of way.Rigs hazardous trees for removal using ropes, block and tackle and pulleys..

   Uses and maintains a variety of equipment including aerial lift truck, dump truck, chipper, backhoe, chain saws and various hand tools.Inspects aerial lift truck prior to operation.