Omni Tree Service

Tree Climber


Job Description

Omni Tree Service is looking for Motivated Climber/Arborist

Job Responsibilities:

  • Operate an array of equipment to remove and dispose of unwanted branches, which can entail using brush chippers, boom trucks, stump chippers, power saws and many others
  • Climb trees using climb hooks, belts and ladders in order to access the worksite, or supervise others using these items to ensure they are being safe
  • Prune the top of trees to make them more visually pleasing to the general public
  • Speak with the property owner to see what needs to be done, and offer recommendations when a tree is too far gone to save
  • Inspect trees to see if there are any underlying issues, such as diseases or fungus growing
  • Ensure the worksite remains safe by putting up caution tape around the surrounding area if it is in a public space
  • Clear the site once the job is done by loading up branches and other pieces of debris into work truck
  • Provide advice to property owners about the proper way to care for the new tree, and suggest routine maintenance visits

Job Skills & Qualifications Required:

  • Proper certification in tree trimming for the state
  • High school diploma
  • Prior experience pruning trees
  • Leadership skills
  • Valid driver’s license
  • Excellent communication and organizational skills
  • 401K
  • Medical
  • Paid Holidays/Vacation


  • Bilingual in Spanish

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $16.00 to $30.00 /hour