The Urban Arborist Inc.

The Urban Arborist Inc.
Est. 2014

Robert Lis
10+ years I
SA Certified  
10+ years Climbing Arborist
10+ years Plant Health Care and Diagnosis & Butternut Health Assessor

Jason Chhangur
8 years Industry experience
5 years Plant Health Care and Diagnosis

Company Vision
Provide quality tree care at a good value to property owners and landscape managers throughout the

Company Goals
In short term expansion of services to offer an even more tailored experience for our clients who
require ongoing file management.
In long term influence industry standards by promoting proven plant health care guidelines and
practices industry wide.

Scope of work
Arborist Consultation
Reports, Protection Plans, Inventories for construction and non-construction related projects
On site advice and written recommendations for residential and commercial clients
Commercial consultations with landscape designers/installers for best practices and recommendations

Planting Services
Recommendations based on site requirements and conditions
Full planting service available from sourcing, to planting, to mulching and staking
Available on going new planting care (pruning, watering, soil amendments)

Soil/Root Treatments
Soil Testing
Soil additives (mulching, manure, etc..)
Deep root fertilization (Iron, Copper, potash, and standard Nitrogen/Potassium fertilizer)

Structural installations/treatments
Mechanical wound treatment
General wound treatment

Pest/Insect Controls
Non-destructive environmentally aware treatments for common pest/insect infestations

Regular preventative and maintenance pruning
Crown thinning
Crown reductions
Training for fruit trees and young trees
Restorative pruning
Hazard elimination or control
Aesthetic pruning (pollarding, hedge, and vine care)

Tree Removal
Single tree to lot clearing available
Construction and Residential experience
Available hazard and large tree removal crews