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Precise Pruning Ltd.

Calgary, AB, Canada

We are an Alberta based company servicing Airdrie, Calgary and its surrounding rural areas since 2001. We pride ourselves in dealing with our customers in an honest and timely manner, while providing quality performance work. Our mission is to preserve as much of our Tree community as possible, understanding how trees function and grow in our climate is a very important step in knowing how to take care of them. We offer a variety of services to keep trees and shrubs in check. Whether it be Commercial or Residential work, we will make the right cut the PRECISE cut. 

Mission Statement:  Precise Pruning Ltd., is committed to maintaining our Urban Communities to promote and enhance our landscape in the interest of all trees.

Vision Statement: Precise Pruning Ltd., is a self-motivated, professional company that provides courteous and prompt service.  We are advocates for our environment; through collaboration with our clients we can make the preservation of Trees a priority and enhance the urban community we live in.