Wise Wood Tree Care LTD

Looking for a full time employee to start pronto I know its a tuff market out there, and EVERYONE is hiring right now. Just a little about me though, and hopefully you'll consider Wise Wood Tree Care ltd.

I am a climbing arborist who started her own business 8 years ago. I am an ISA BCMA with an Environmental Horticulture Diploma with a major in Arboriculture. I've been in the biz for over 20 years, and am totally committed to responsible, SAFE tree care management. Pruning, removals, wildlife habitat retention, we do it all!!! Well, we don't plant yet.. Hopefully one day, but we are a small company. I'm looking for people with a good attitude who like to work and want to learn more or share what they've already learned! and guess what??? I'll PAY you WELL for it!!!!!

I'm more than willing to sponsor workers from overseas, as I was one of them. Spent 2 years doing tree work in Australia and New Zealand. Loved the experience working with climbers from around the world. So important to share with each other.