Advanced Vegetation Management

Advanced Vegetation Management was established in 2010 by Mike Dowling. Building on over 20 years of experience and formal qualifications in arboriculture, Mike has created a tree removal and vegetation management business in Cairns that is unique in its ability to provide on time, on budget tree removal, lopping, pruning, stump grinding, chipping and mulching services.

Determined to take the provision of vegetation management services to the next level of professionalism, Mike knew that by owning his own specialist equipment and machinery, he would be able to schedule works and be confident that his team could deliver.

In addition, all of Mike’s team members are dedicated professionals who are either already expertly qualified and experienced arborists, or are working towards the attainment of their qualifications through apprenticeships.  Himself the holder of a Diploma of Horticulture (Arboriculture) RTF 50203 and a Diploma of Forest and Forest Products and Member of Queensland Arboriculture Association, Mike sees the absolute value in having well qualified, experienced professionals on each and every job.

This speaks to his commitment to excellence as well as his determination at all works completed by Advanced Vegetation Management will be done safely and in accordance with all legislation and regulations governing the removal and management of trees throughout Cairns and the Far North.

Once contacted by a client, Mike conducts an onsite assessment to enable him to determine the time and tools needed for the job, any regulatory limitations on the requested works, and any safety issues which need to be accounted for.  This visit also enables him to generate a guaranteed price quote meaning that clients pay no more for unforeseen issues or time overruns.