Seil und Beil

We are small professional treecare business. We focus on treeclimbing jobs only and value high skills in proper treecare and arborist practice. I'm more than happy to answer any additonal questions.

We are a crew of 9 in total, 2 trucks, 2 chippers. Most of the time we work on a two-team-schedule, but do bigger jobsite with the fullcrew on site. We do residental and municipal tree work 5 days a week. We only do trees, no hedges, no landscaping. We do climb every day, hardly any platform work. We speak english and german. We can provide any equipement except your own basic PPE. If you prefer a fresh set of PPE we can provide it though. Ropes, helmets, saws can all be provided of course. We run the husky T450ixp and the Stihl MSA161 in the trees, Stihl fuel saws on the ground.

We have a nice crew, we have a ping pong table, a firepit and even some bees - you'll be provided with fresh honey.

Apr 21, 2024
Full time
Seil und Beil Trier, Germany
Hi there We - Seil und Beil Baumarbeiten - are a small treecare-crew doing treeclimbing only in Trier, located in the western parts of Germany, close to Luxembourg. You'll get all the company details down here at the end. We are looking for an experienced climber to join the team. We have a kind of "international climbers join the crew" thing going on for four years now, with arborists from the States, UK, Ireland, Finland, Sweden, Isreal, Netherlands, Croatia, Denmark joining and becoming friends. Right now (as in April24) the crew is a German-USA-Croatia-French-Netherlands-Ireland-UK-mix. One of our current international arborists is going to leave end of June 2024, his position can be filled. You can either do parttime or fulltime, work&travel, temporary work visa...whatever suits your plans best. All details can be discussed once we are in contact. We have experience with non-German guys joining the crew and are happy for any international exchange. For...