Harrison McPhee, Inc.

We are Arborists

Harrison McPhee, Inc. is a best-in-class horticulture company that builds and preserves outdoor environments - designed to ignite memorable experiences and appreciation for nature's positive impact on our daily experience.

Our Mission

To serve as stewards of our natural environment by demonstrating responsible care.  To lead with integrity and stand proud in representation of our trade.  To generate creative power through diversity, and weave optimism into all that we do.

Why we Exist

HMc (or "H Mac" as we like to call it) grew out of a thirst for doing things differently.  We believe that work should express your passion, generate creative clarity, and reflect your raison d'etre. Call us crazy, but we want the bulk of our day to be consumed with rewarding challenges and enlightening experiences.  We're proud of our trade and own what we do.  We want those values reflected in our art...and in the process, recognize their contribution to a greater good.

Nature remains at the heart of our company, and our values reflect a commitment to preserving our most basic gifts.  Each member of our team is a unique contributor to our mission, and we thrive on delivering a superior product that can only result from promoting diversity of thought and a quest for learning.

Staying true to our core values helps fuel a company that we are proud to represent, and maintains our focus on the highest level of craftsmanship and character.  We honor the trail blazed by those who came before us while we continue to enthusiastically create our future.

We look for like-minded individuals who want to make a difference through their work.  Challenge, reward, progress, and pride in what we do, fuel our day.