Truetimber Arborists, Inc.

The Truetimber Story

The story of Truetimber Arborists Inc., is a story of people. We have always sought to provide a nourishing environment for our employees, and we have always pursued symbiotic relationships with our clients, our fellow tree care professionals, and the many vendors who supply our operation.

Truetimber is committed to fielding the safest and most professional tree care crew available to you in Richmond, and by doing so protecting and preserving you, your trees, and your property.

When you become a part of the Truetimber story you can expect to experience the high level of courtesy and respect which is the natural result of our emphasis on relationship building. You can expect to see hard work and professionalism, and you can expect to feel that we have earned the money we are asking for in exchange for our services. If you don’t feel this way, you can expect responsiveness and concern for the way you do feel.

Truetimber wants to live, grow and thrive with you, with our employees, and with our community. Our story will continue to be a story of people.