Storm Tree Services, Inc.

In 2014, I came to the realization that there needs to be a major change in the way land owners and municipalities care for their trees and manage their urban forest. I decided to do something about it, and Storm Tree Services, Inc was born. Our urban forest is under attack. Widespread pest and disease outbreaks, improper work practices, and the lack of information provided to properly owners threatens the trees in our communities. Storm Tree is here to be your qualified and trusted partner in preserving our trees for decades to come.

- Patrick J. Daly-ISA Certified Arborist IL-9321-A

Our Mission

Our mission at its core is to improve our communities overall quality of life, by improving the trees in our community. Trees are among the most important assets to any community and provide countless benefits, from storm water retention to beautification, and play a vital role in maintaining balance in our ecosystem. Our goal is to offer proper tree care services, arboricultural information, and consulting in an accessible, paperless, and friendly platform.