A Plus

Back in 2002 when the yellow pages was actually a thing, founder and CEO Jeremy Tibbets wanted to have his company seen before any other. Hence, “A+” was born. Thirteen years later, A Plus has evolved into a cutting-edge, professional tree care destination. Instead of A+ putting us first in the books, A Plus now signifies our level of commitment to perfection, excellence and awesomeness.

A Plus is built on one vision: “To inspire Urban Forest Management throughout the industry and America’s urban communities by leveraging technology to improve tree care and maximize urban recycling.” This is the mantra that fuels our connection to our environment and clients unlike any other. From the initial point of contact, to our crews in the field, to the ridiculously forward thinking solutions we provide, it will be obvious to you that you are more than a tree owner…you own an Urban Forest!

Evident in our comprehensive in-house training programs to our client events and relationships, A Plus is dedicated to safety and its people. We thrive on pushing the limits in our industry to inspire a higher standard of tree care using innovative technology while keeping close attention to our client’s needs. We can’t wait to see what the future holds.