Custom Climbing LTD

  • Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada

Hazard tree specialist, commercial tree services, forestry climbing, utility arborist 

Feb 06, 2024
Full time
Custom Climbing LTD Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada
A groundmans role is to help and assist in the daily operations carried out by the arborist. It begins with pulling branches and feeding the chipper, truck and chipper maintenance, daily paperwork. Progressing to use of lowering ropes, chainsaw use, climbing and trimming of trees. All training meets or passes industry standard and is provided while on the job. A groundman will also be responsible for keeping a clean, organized and safe work site. This job role is best suited for individuals who are physically fit, have an understanding of nutritional needs in a physically demanding job/ sport. The candidate for this role would be an individual who can take time to understand a task and fulfill it with minimal oversight. We are looking for team players to join our crew and become part of an efficient team. Job Duties: Control lowering ropes. Supply tools for tree workers aloft. Control road and sidewalk traffic as needed by use of warning devices. Perform daily, weekly...