Tree Ninjas

Tree Ninjas evolved out of a previous seasonal business venture, The Christmas Light Guys (est. 2000). Clients would see us in our bucket trucks and lifts decorating their trees for the holidays and constantly ask us to "prune a few branches while you're up there!" Knowing professional tree care isn't quite as simple as 'pruning a few branches,' it took us a while to commit to the idea. But in 2017, founder and lumber-jack-of-most-trades, Charles Wiebe, became a licensed arborist and began providing our unique brand of quality, friendly and trustworthy service to the tree industry.

Since pursuing a path in arboriculture, our fascination and respect for trees has only continued to grow. We've come to love and appreciate the brotherhood amongst tree workers and are incredibly fortunate to come to work every day, knowing we can provide an essential service, sharpen our skill level, and work with absolutely awesome people.