Microbe Tree Service is a small premium tree service provider in the beautiful Okanagan Valley. 

We are a growing company with top of the line gear, work and attitude. 

The name Microbe is a tip of the hat to the invisible universe that can grant health to, or destroy - any life, great or small. One could describe us as a cellulose munching variety of microbe.

This posting is not just for a JOB opportunity. This is a lifestyle, and it extends beyond the awesome workplace to the extra curricular activities we take part in. That is to say - if you watch lots of tv or scroll on your phone in your spare time, we don't think you'll fit in. (Granted, as a business owner I'm on the phone a great deal.) 

Let's be honest. Tree work is hard and underpaid all things considered, but if you are the type to find joy and fulfillment through effort and/or discomfort then you are a special breed and you'll most likely LOVE this work the same way we do.