Beechwood Trees and Landscapes Ltd

Beechwood Trees and Landscapes Ltd were established in 1998.

In the 24 years we have been trading, we have had many people come through our doors and have had the pleasure of not only working with some incredibly experienced professionals, we have also been able to reinvest in the industry by bringing on apprentices and beginners and teaching them what we know and have learnt.

One of the things we always pride ourselves on, and has set us apart from some of the other companies in the industry, has been the knowledge that we should always encourage the character and professionalism of our staff.

This includes an innate desire here to be professional, conscientious, have mutual respect for each other and to help each other to achieve shared goals.

We have learned over the years that self actualisation is not just about money and job security. It is about development, having fun, feeling part of a team, camaraderie, feeling valued and working with like minded people.