Smart Feller Tree Works

Smart Feller Tree Works aims to provide the safest, most professional, and environmentally friendly tree service experience in Western North Carolina. Through our firm foothold in curiosity, knowledge, and know-how, we assist home and business owners in caring for their trees. We grow and learn, too. As you can see from our preservation and reuse services, we implement a blend of arboriculture and permaculture practices that not only mitigate climate change, but also provide local and sustainable food for years to come.

Smart Feller Tree Works highly values our employees and tirelessly strive to provide a safe, fun, and goal-oriented work environment. We conduct weekly safety meetings in order to maintain the high level of communication and coordination that our jobs require. We perform quarterly Aerial Rescue training exercises in order to familiarize ourselves with the difficult situation we would be faced with should — knock on wood — an incident occur on the job site. We are also proud to provide health insurance to our employees and their spouses.