Great Mountain Tree Service, LLC

We are a small company in western PA and we love what we do! We conduct removals, both hazardous and necessary. However, we prefer to beautify, plant, and prune. We are in our third season and have just started an architectural inspired landscape branch. It is in the new stages of growth but we are excited to introduce it. 

Our company is known for it’s strong tree knowledge. We pride ourselves in the learned processes of practicing arboriculture. 

We learn from the ground up. We also teach that way. From the nomenclature to the maintenance of the pruning/ cutting/ planting/ and rigging equipment, we teach our staff. 

We believe anyone can cut a tree but skilled arborists take the tree health and vitality into consideration and with each cut.

We prefer like minded individuals who want to work hard and have fun doing it.

We are sitting for our ISA boards this season.