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Taddiken Tree

Boulder, CO, USA

We are here to inspire growth and connection in ourselves and our community. We believe connecting with one another, with nature and ourselves makes us better. For us, that connection starts with trees. We help our community care for their trees and make sure our company is a place where good people can grow while doing good work. 

Our core values

Quality: We are damn good at what we do

We pride ourselves in doing the best work that can be done, and we constantly look for ways to do it better.

Safety: We look out for what matters

We do everything we can to ensure the safety and well-being of our community, our planet, and each other.

Authenticity: We are people first

We trust that we are all doing our best, so we give each other space to have lives, be real, make mistakes, and grow.

Responsibility: We own our own sh*t

We each take 100% responsibility for our own actions and our own experience, and we count on one another to do the same.

Levity: We laugh at ourselves

We are not afraid to help each other remember that there’s always room for lightness in our work, even when it sucks.