Urban Arborists

Apr 19, 2024
Full time
Urban Arborists New York, NY, USA
Urban Arborists BTH LLC is a knowledge driven, leading private tree-care company based in Red Hook, Brooklyn, serving the five boroughs of New York City and the surrounding tristate area. Urban Arborists is known for the accuracy of its recommendations and the quality of its work. You can check out the work we’ve done for major institutional and municipal clients such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Evergreens Cemetery, NYU, and Madison Square Park. We love to plant new trees. Over the past two decades, we have planted more than 7000 trees. We also serve hundreds of private clients annually, from those with humble urban backyards or container gardens to luxury condo terraces and historic estates. RESPONSIBILITIES/DUTIES Urban Arborists is based on the model of a doctor’s office, not a contractor’s. We prune, plant, assess, diagnose, and care for every kind of tree and shrub in the landscape. We follow the physician’s motto, Prima non nocere, “First do no harm”....