Tree Ninja

We are a full-service tree care company working in Edmonton, Alberta. We are looking for a climbing arborist to lead one of our crews this year. We pay $31-35 depending on the level of experience.

Our growth continues, and we need to add another member to our team. We are looking for an experienced tree climber who can perform all aspects of general tree work safely and efficiently and who is capable of leading a crew effectively. Applicants should be career-minded and interested in the prospect of playing a significant role in the continued growth of our company in the upcoming years.

Requirements for the Job

  • ISA Certified Arborist
  • Purchase of company approved PPE (Boots, chainsaw pants, and helmet)
  • Physically fit with the ability to lift <50 lb objects
  • Willing and able to work 40-50 hour weeks and in adverse weather conditions.
  • Strong climbing abilities - mastery of basic techniques, familiarity with progressive techniques, and interest in ongoing developments.
  • Ability to perform the following work safely, efficiently, and with high quality: pruning, removals (felling, technical rigging, and crane work), cabling, bracing, and all other operations listed in Crew Leader’s second responsibility section of this document.
  • Safe and professional work practices - adherence to ANSI Z133.1 and A300 standards.
  • Class 5 Drivers License
  • 3+ years of experience climbing and performing general tree work


  • $31 - $35/Hr. for Crew Leader position: depending on skills, experience, credentials, resume, references, etc.
  • Opportunities for raises and promotion based on performance
  • Holiday & Vacation pay
  • Commuter Compensation
  • Continuing education (in-house, seminars, conferences, climbing competitions, etc.)
  • Work-hard, play-hard, friendly, and collaborative culture with a commitment to growth, professionalism, overcoming challenges together, and enjoyment.

Job Responsibilities

The crew leader’s first responsibility is safety. He/she is expected to take every action to ensure that his/her crew (of 1 or more co-workers), customers, neighbours, pedestrians, and all employee sees are safe from any harm, damage, and injury the tree service operation may cause. Safety first begins with traveling to the Jobsite in a safe and legal manner. The crew leader is expected to be the primary driver of the truck entrusted to him/her for the day. Poor and dangerous driving reflects terribly on the company. Before beginning the job, the crew leader must fill out a hazard assessment form and have everyone on the crew read and sign it. It is the crew leader’s job to ensure everyone on his/her crew is fit for work and wearing appropriate apparel and PPE. If at any point the crew leader deems the day’s tasks unsafe, he/she must halt the operations immediately and wait for further instruction from his/her employer. Failure to do so may cause irreparable damage to someone or something. If a crew leader shows any carelessness in regards to safe operations, the employer holds the right to terminate or demote that individual from his position immediately. If an unsafe event occurs, even if no one or thing is hurt or damaged, a safety report must be filed by the crew leader at the end of the day. The operation can continue if the crew leader has taken action to prevent that unsafe event from recurring and after contacting the employer.

The crew leader’s second responsibility is leading the crew to efficiently perform the operations. Tree service operations such as, but not limited to standard tree removals, tree pruning, tree shaping, tree cabling, tree rigging, aerial rescue, tree hazard, and health assessments, stump grinding, tree fertilizing, animal and drone rescue, vehicle and equipment maintenance, and repairs, providing customers with quotes and advice, advertising at venues, participating at training events, instructing employees in arboriculture techniques, office work, Christmas light installation, scheduling, and email work, receiving and making phone calls, shopping for company-related items, safely and promptly delivering remittance from customers to the employer and driving to and from job sites.

The crew leader’s third responsibility is accountability to the employer. He/she is expected to punctually arrive at 8:30 Am Tues-Saturday to privately discuss the day’s tree service operations with the employer. When the crew leader is on a site he/she must report to the employer when any job is half-way completed and when it is finished. If the employer tries to contact the crew leader and is unable to reach him/her, the crew leader must respond within an hour. The crew leader must ensure that everyone on his/her crew is also honest and upfront with their employer. If any tool or vehicle is damaged, it is the crew leader’s responsibility to file a damage report at the end of the day to the employer. The crew leader is also responsible for ensuring no tools are left at job sites and that the vehicles are in good working condition for the following day. He/she must provide a report at the end of every day assuring the employer of this. The crew leader if approached to provide a quote should do so before leaving the job site if possible. The crew leader will be fired immediately if he/she personally takes income from performing a job and doesn’t return the amount in its entirety to the employer. He/she is expected to bring all remittances to the employer at the end of every workday. All side-jobs in addition to the job scheduled for the day that is performed must be recorded and the profit go to the employer. If a customer chooses to tip the crew, they may keep it. However, if the money was given for doing an extra service than originally quoted; the money belongs to the employer. A tip is money given at the end of the job in addition to the cost of all the items performed. It is also unacceptable for anyone on the crew to steal a lead which the company generated to perform the work privately outside of the company. The crew leader must ensure that no one on his/her crew smokes marijuana or drinks alcohol at the jobsite or in a company vehicle. If a customer gives you alcohol, you may drink it in the shop at the end of the day.

The crew leader’s fourth responsibility is accountability to the customer. He/she should contact customers prior to arrival, upon arrival and before leaving. He/she should answer any questions the homeowners ask in a respectful, cheerful and truthful manner. If the crew leader does not know an answer, he/she is expected to tell the customer so and that he/she would find out the answer. The property of the customer is to be treated with the utmost care and concern. If anything is broken or damaged on the customer’s property, the crew leader must notify the customer as soon as possible. The customer should be asked if they would like the company to replace or fix what the company had damaged. The company should never leave a job site without informing the customer of any damage that may have occurred. Swearing and foul language are only permitted in the shop and vehicles. No customer should hear an employee swear. Whenever representing the company, work uniforms must be worn including helmets. Any torn uniforms must be discarded and replaced.