Acer Tree Surgeons Ltd

We’re friendly and good-natured, yet professional and committed to good customer service. When it comes to our work, we take it seriously, each with our own skills and specialisations, which we have honed with experience and ongoing training beyond our qualifications and accreditations.

We’re an Arboricultural Association approved contractor (the UK’s main body for setting arboricultural standards)

Acer Tree Surgeons Ltd Westbury, UK
Sep 26, 2020
Full time
We have exciting opportunities for individuals to become part of the team here at Acer Tree Surgeons. Team Leader roles include daily tasks of client liaison, logistics and onsite team organisation, job completion and onsite/yard compliance. Experience of all onsite operations, both aerial and ground bases are essential. Individuals with 4 + years experience in a similar role should only apply. Primary Climber roles include all aerial based arboricultural practices. Tasks include heavy rigging, crane removals, two rope compliant climbing, reductions, pruning, hedge cutting and safe, calculated climbing practice to a commercial time constraint. You will be expected to be the best the industry has to offer and your salary will reflect this. Secondary Climber roles include all of the above apart from heavy rigging and crane removals. Light rigging duties will be required and the will to advance into Primary Climber roles is crucial. Your salary will reflect your competence in...