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Struggle to find skilled workers? Do you use Sub contractors?

Struggle to find skilled workers? Do you use Sub contractors?

If you run a small, medium or large tree service company then you most likely have struggled to find good quality, skilled workers. This is one of the biggest problems in the tree industry, it's so hard to find people that can keep up with the work load of your company. If you can't get through your workload and have a major back log, you will likely lose some customers, essentially leaving money on the table.

If you've tried everything you can to find employees, tried training workers from scratch and still feels like you're banging your head against a brick wall, it may be worth considering sub contractors to help get through your workload. Sub contractors will certainly cost more on the face of it, but there certainly are advantages.

  • You only provide them work for the specific day(s) you agree
  • You pay them a fixed fee that you agree upon prior to work commencing
  • They are not entitled to any holiday pay, or other benefits
  • Quickly hire them in a pinch if employees call in sick
  • Hire them if you land a good project that needs fast completion
  • Find climber with more skills for very technical work, crane work, 
  • Use contractor for a job that needs special equipment that a contractor may own (e.g. GRCS)
  • No awkward conversations if they are useless, just never hire them back

If you're looking for contractors, that's something you can use our job board for. Just the same as if you post a job looking for employees, you can also post jobs looking for contractors, both short or long term. Even if you only need a contractor for next week, post the job with a title something like 'Sub Contractor needed in Seattle for 3-5 days week of 17 October' . This heading will grab anyones attention that it may relate to, now they can click on the post and find out the full details of the job.