Recruiting employees to your tree service business

Recruiting employees to your tree service business

Finding good employees can be difficult within the tree care industry, so when you are looking to recruit, make the job description as appealing as possible.

There are various aspects to this when it comes to posting a job on a niche job board such as this one, within this day and age where everything is found online and easily searchable you want to make your content and posting appealing to potential job seekers.

  1. Give a clear and simple job title, so at a quick glance people know exactly what the job is.
  2. Give a specific location e.g. Town/City, State/province/county & Country, which lets people know at a place the area that job is located, as well as registering in the refined location search tabs on the left hand side. Don't leave this blank or broad.
  3. Post individual jobs, don't try and cram lots of jobs into one post because this may prevent people from clicking through to the post in the first place.
  4. Upload your company logo. Job postings with a company logo uploaded statistically receive more traffic than those without.
  5. When registering for an account, take the time to fill out the information about your company. This can be a few paragraphs to let potential applicants know exactly what your company is all about, the kind of tree work you do, the approach you take, your type of clientele, the size of the company etc. These are all factors that can help in the decision for a jobseeker to click the 'Apply' button
  6. When writing your specific job posting, don't just write one or two lines saying that you require a tree climber. Go into detail about the position that is available, discuss the type of person you are looking for, the amount of experience you'd like to see from your applicants, and what the pay scale may be. Talk about the type of company you are, what the typical work type maybe, the size of the company. If there is potential for growth within the company go into detail because this could be a huge factor in attracting potential employees. When discussing the compensation the employee will receive, also add in any other perks to the job, extended health benefits plan, company vehicle, company phone, supplied equipment, PPE, and clothing for work.
  7. Add in a link to your website so that potential applicants can learn more about your company.

If you take some time to prepare your company profile and job posting you should attract more interest in the job. Also once you have written your initial job, you can save this on your computer, then it becomes very simple to copy & paste, and make any small tweaks for the next post whenever that may be.

To attract more attention for your job postings and company there are some other paid option you may want to consider.

Featured job - This paid posting means that you job vacancy will remain rotating at the top of the jobs page among the other featured job posting so it never goes out of site and will attract more interest. To post a featured job simply select this option from the pricing page or when going the the steps to post a job.

Featured company - the featured company option means that your company logo a name will be the first thing visible on the home page with a clickable link to your company profile and all active job listings on our website. To get the featured job listing simply go to the pricing page and click on 'Featured company'