Finding good employees can be difficult within the tree care industry, so when you are looking to recruit, make the job description as appealing as possible. There are various aspects to this when it comes to posting a job on a niche job board such as this one, within this day and age where everything is found online and easily searchable you want to make your content and posting appealing to potential job seekers. Give a clear and simple job title, so at a quick glance people know exactly what the job is. Give a specific location e.g. Town/City, State/province/county & Country, which lets people know at a place the area that job is located, as well as registering in the refined location search tabs on the left hand side. Don't leave this blank or broad. Post individual jobs, don't try and cram lots of jobs into one post because this may prevent people from clicking through to the post in the first place. Upload your company logo. Job postings with a company logo uploaded statistically receive more traffic than those without. When registering for an account, take the time to fill out the information about your company. This can be a few paragraphs to let potential applicants know exactly what your company is all about, the kind of tree work you do, the approach you take, your type of clientele, the size of the company etc. These are all factors that can help in the decision for a jobseeker to click the 'Apply' button When writing your specific job posting, don't just write one or two lines saying that you require a tree climber. Go into detail about the position that is available, discuss the type of person you are looking for, the amount of experience you'd like to see from your applicants, and what the pay scale may be. Talk about the type of company you are, what the typical work type maybe, the size of the company. If there is potential for growth within the company go into detail because this could be a huge factor in attracting potential employees. When discussing the compensation the employee will receive, also add in any other perks to the job, extended health benefits plan, company vehicle, company phone, supplied equipment, PPE, and clothing for work. Add in a link to your website so that potential applicants can learn more about your company. If you take some time to prepare your company profile and job posting you should attract more interest in the job. Also once you have written your initial job, you can save this on your computer, then it becomes very simple to copy & paste, and make any small tweaks for the next post whenever that may be. To attract more attention for your job postings and company there are some other paid option you may want to consider. Featured job - This paid posting means that you job vacancy will remain rotating at the top of the jobs page among the other featured job posting so it never goes out of site and will attract more interest. To post a featured job simply select this option from the pricing page or when going the the steps to post a job. Featured company - the featured company option means that your company logo a name will be the first thing visible on the home page with a clickable link to your company profile and all active job listings on our website. To get the featured job listing simply go to the pricing page and click on 'Featured company'
Written by : Michelle Myers -  Arbor Agents  and  My Virtual Paige   You’re in this industry because you love to climb trees. It’s part of your DNA - the challenge, the technique, the thrill and the satisfaction of doing highly skilled work, caring for one of nature’s greatest wonders.   Are you among that class of climbers who have ventured out on your own and launched a business?   Even if there’s more money at the end of that rainbow, you may wonder sometimes if it’s really worth it. Once upon a time you were gliding through the highest canopies, defusing hazardous situations and growing as a highly-skilled, ultra-specialized tradesman.   These days, you spend time on the jobsite answering calls, time in the afternoons listening to voicemails, and time in between replying to emails and filling out spreadsheets. And the administrative tasks just keep snowballing. You’d rather have your boots on the air, but you’re stuck in the cab of your truck answering the phone.   The old solution for this all-too-common problem was to hire more back-office help. Maybe you’ve put that off because it means even more office work for you - posting job ads, reading resumes, interviewing candidates, not to mention training a new hire. Fortunately, the times are changing.   Enter the virtual professional - business staff with all the behind-the-scenes skills for keeping your operation afloat, all the while working remotely. Whether it’s managing your phone line or tracking your invoices, these women and men can take care of those tasks that cause you the most pain - those tasks that keep you out of the trees. Thanks to the digital age, you never even need you to buy these professionals an office chair, much less pay for office space. In fact, it is almost always cheaper to hire virtual staff than bringing on a traditional employee.   By employing virtual professionals, you can quit worrying about the phone calls you might be missing and focus on your technical crane takedown. You can enjoy a day of big tree pruning without the dread of following up on those 20 voicemails in the evening. Virtual professionals can also manage your CRM software, your job scheduling and your bookkeeping. If you’re hoping to grow your client base, virtual professionals can market your value as an arborist to your prospects through email, social media and ad campaigns.   Did you purchase a complex business software suite for tree care companies? Unsure how to use it? Look no further than your virtual staff. Any current green-industry business software can function “in the cloud,” allowing you and your staff to seamlessly manage your data through any desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. No more coffee-stained piles of paper in the cab of your truck. Your virtual staff is capable of handling it all remotely.   In the twenty-first century, the pace of business is relentless. Don’t get buried in the details, stuck on the ground answering the phone all day. With virtual staff managing your phones, your books and your business software, you can stay up in the trees and climb past the competition.   Here’s a bio about me: As the owner of both  Arbor Agents  and  My Virtual Paige   Michelle Myers offers a range of products and services.  Under the Arbor Agents umbrella, you can work with her team to create a dynamic website, maintain social communities or do targeted marketing.  My Virtual Paige offers remote answering, scheduling, dispatch and admin services exclusively thru  Arborgold   the industry’s most powerful business management tool.  With a Bachelor of Arts degree from Marymount University, Michelle and her teams work remotely for tree, lawn and landscape companies nationwide, with employees located in every North American time zone to serve clients in real time.
Being an Arborist is a wonderful thing. If you love the outdoors, have a great appreciation of nature, love to challenge yourself and work as part of a team then it can be such a rewarding career.  Did you ever climb trees as a child? Most climbing Arborists that you speak to will tell you they loved climbing in trees and playing in treehouses as a kid. I think this stays in our subconscious as a happy place, and if you can convert this into a career then why wouldn’t you. Having an understanding of why trees grow like they do in both their natural environment and an urban setting, how they respond to damage caused by nature (lightning etc) and man made damage, learning and understanding these things gives you a further appreciation of how amazing trees are and how we can manage them in an urban environment to keep them healthy and safe for the public.   As professional Arborists we cover a wide range practices, depending on the path you take as an arborist and the companies you choose to work for will dictate the type of work that you do and how diverse it may be.   This is a great industry to be in if you want to travel abroad, there is always a demand for good Arborists worldwide. Check out our links to immigration websites under ‘Working abroad’.   There are various avenues that you can go down in order to start your career as an arborist.  One option is you can start at the very bottom of the ladder straight out of school with no prior training or education in the specific field and learn everything on the job. The second option is to find a training body or college that run short courses in tree climbing, e.g 8 week courses, which will then give you an insight into the industry, teach you some basic techniques and a little knowledge on the theory side of things. The next option would be to find a local college and company that provides an Arboriculture apprenticeship program, this means that you get full exposure to working for a tree care company and learning in a hands on environment from colleagues, with the added benefit of having set weeks within the year to learn from a curriculum on the theoretical side. Finally you can choose to take a Diploma or a Degree in Arboriculture / Urban Forestry at a college or University, this will teach you in a much more in depth way about how trees grow, what they need from their environment and how they react to situation. You will also learn the practical side of the industry, tree climbing techniques, using chainsaws and wood chippers, you may also learn a little about the business side of things and running you own company. This will prepare you much more for your career in Arboriculture and give you more options straight out of the gate.       Below is a list of the more common positions you will come across in the tree care industry:   Grounds person  - is where the majority of people start out, people coming into the industry with no prior knowledge and those that come from college programmes.  A general job description would be: Working with a crew to help undertake the pruning or removal of trees and shrubs, operating a range of machinery including chainsaws, wood chipper, hedge trimmer, as well as hand tools used for pruning. Assisting in rigging operations by understanding the systems, controlling the rigging ropes and pull lines. Learning and have an understanding of compartmentalization in trees and correct pruning practices to minimize exposure to decay. Even if you have had some kind of tree climbing and pruning training, it is the kind of job where there are so many different aspects to learn about safety, machinery, techniques both on the ground and in the canopy, everyone needs to learn through experience.   Climbing Arborist  - is a position that the majority of Arborists will do at some point in there career and is the most rewarding. Becoming an efficient climbing arborist definitely takes time, commitment and dedication, also listening and learning from others around you.  This position will vary greatly from day to day. As a climber you will be required to undertake various types of pruning e.g deadwood removal, crown thinning, crown reduction, specific branch weight reduction, crown raising and clearance pruning, you will also perform tree removals of all sizes and degrees of difficulty that could incorporate various rigging systems. There are also more specialized work specifications such as installing lightning protection in tall and/or important trees, also implementing bracing/supporting systems within the canopy to reduce the reduce of failure. As a climbing Arborist you may be required to lead the crew if you are the most knowledgable or experienced.   Plant healthcare technician  - this position focuses on keeping plants in the urban environment as healthy as possible due to most trees and shrubs having poor environments in comparison to their natural habitat. Plant health care technicians will need to have a good plant identification, a knowledge of soils science as well as an understanding of pests and diseases in their part of the world. This knowledge will then help them to diagnose tree and shrubs issues and help put together a program to deals with these issues through various means e.g. Fertilization, root invigoration, pesticide application, identifying problems such as girdling roots.   Arborist Representative  - this is often a position that those working on the tools will move into as their career progresses and they move into a less physically demanding role. An Arborist Rep jobs is to meet with the companies clients whether that be residential or commercial and listen to their tree care needs, or make provide professional advice and come up with suggestions and maybe tree care management plans. This position is about having both a great arboricultural knowledge and knowledge of the practical side (e.g how the jobs are undertaken), as well as having good communication and people skills.    Tree consultant  - this position is much less practical and far more theory based. As a tree consultant you would be called out to inspect certain trees at the request of you clients for various reasons e.g. their own personal worry, insurance companies, pre development/construction. It is the consultants job to go through all aspects of the environment and the tree itself to ascertain the tree’s health and if it poses a potential risk, and if so, how high of a risk.  From there the consultant will recommend any work based on their results.   For more information about Arboriculture and tree climbing techniques you can visit